42. John MAYVILLE (4) was born between 1789 and 1795 in Quebec, Canada. He died between 1860 and 1870.

43. Susan REYNOLDS (4) was born on Sep 26 1799 in Vermont. She died on Jul 27 1887 in Oconto, Oconto Co, WI. Children were:

child i. Minerva MAYVILLE(4).
child ii. George MAYVILLE(4).
child iii. Lucy MAYVILLE(4) was born Either 1837 or 1838 in Vermont.
child iv. Percy MAYVILLE(4).
child v. Rebecca MAYVILLE(4) was born in 1826 in Vermont.
child vi. Peter MAYVILLE(4) was born on Oct 24 1824 in Swanton Falls, VT. He died on Aug 28 1900 in Wrightstown, Brown County, WI.
child vii. Louisa (Eliza) MAYVILLE(4) was born about 1829. She died before Apr 14 1898 in Wisconsin.
child21 viii. Diadamia MAYVILLE.
child ix. Ephraim MAYVILLE(4) was born on Nov 8 1834 in Swanton Falls, VT. He died on Aug 26 1907 in Unity, Marathon Co., WI.
child x. William MAYVILLE(4) was born about 1841 in Vermont.

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