86. Silas REYNOLDS (4) was born on Aug 23 1763 in Tower Hill, Duchess Co., NY. He died in Mar 1837 in Brandon twnshp, Duchess Co, NY. He was married to Didama LEONARD on Dec 2 1798 in Shoreham, VT.

87. Didama LEONARD (4) was born on Feb 10 1778 in Whiting, Shoreham, VT. She died in 1823. Children were:

child i. Eunice REYNOLDS(4).
child ii. Didama REYNOLDS(4).
child iii. Electa REYNOLDS(4).
child iv. Martha REYNOLDS(4).
child v. Charlotte REYNOLDS(4).
child vi. Ephraim REYNOLDS(4) died in Rice Lake MN.
child43 vii. Susan REYNOLDS.
child viii. George REYNOLDS(4) was born on Aug 16 1802 in Shoreham, VT. He died on Jan 23 1883 in Blue Earth, MN.

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