19. Samuel David PRESTON was born on Aug 4 1835 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He died on Jul 12 1902 in Lawrence, Brown Co., WI.

Mary Ann BROOKER (daughter of ) was born on Dec 18 1844 in Ontario, Canada. She died on Apr 27 1918 in Green Bay, Brown Co., WI. Samuel David PRESTON and Mary Ann BROOKER had the following children:

child43 i. Charles PRESTON died after 1919.
child+44 ii. Elsie Ellen PRESTON.
child45 iii. Henry PRESTON died before 1913.
child+46 iv. Lavina Elizabeth PRESTON.
child47 v. William PRESTON was born on Dec 4 1865. He died on May 22 1913 in Iron River, Michigan.
child+48 vi. Hannah Mae PRESTON.
child49 vii. Nelson PRESTON was born on Sep 19 1869. He died on Nov 10 1869.
child50 viii. Stella D. PRESTON was born on Jan 28 1871 in Brown Co., WI. She died on Mar 20 1919 in Stewart, NV.
child51 ix. Mark A. PRESTON was born on Aug 25 1872. He died on Apr 29 1896.
child+52 x. Ross PRESTON.

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