210. Jerome Joseph BRECHT was born on Oct 26 1955 in Tomahawk, WI.

He was married to Michele Jean HILLIORD on Feb 2 1980 in Baraboo, WI. Michele Jean HILLIORD was born on Feb 7 1957 in Mendovi, WI. Jerome Joseph BRECHT and Michele Jean HILLIORD had the following children:

child315 i. Jesse Andrew BRECHT was born on Mar 18 1981 in Baraboo, WI.
child316 ii. Danielle Elizabeth BRECHT was born on Sep 19 1982 in Baraboo, WI.
child317 iii. Kathleen Jean BRECHT was born on Sep 24 1986 in Baraboo, WI.
child318 iv. Rebecca Ann BRECHT was born on Oct 8 1988 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
child319 v. Caleb James BRECHT was born on Jul 12 1990 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

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