28. Michael A. TRUBER (12) was born in 1835 in Hesse, Prussia. He immigrated on Jan 2 1866 to New York. Arrived on the ship, Dorette. He was listed as a 30 year old male musician, from Baden. He served in the military on Mar 21 1867 in Willet Point, NYC, Army of the United States.(13) Signed on with the Army on March 21, 1867. He signed on as a Band Master, for a period of three years. He was assigned to the 25th Infantry as the Chief Musician. The 25th Infantry was a Buffalo Soldier unit, with white officers. On his military discharge papers, he is described as five feet four inches tall, fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair. He was discharged at Willet Point Territory on March 21, 1870. He served in the military on Oct 29 1870 in Willet Point, NYC, Army of the United States. Re-enlisted in the 25th Infantry, again as Chief Musician. Discharged on October 29, 1875. He resided No. 21, Avenue B, New York City on Oct 29 1870 in New York. He resided 346 Hudson Street, New York City on May 24 1876 in New York. Listed on re-enlistment declaration He served in the military on May 24 1876 in Willet Point, NYC, Army of the United States. This was his third enlistment. He was discharged from the military on February 10, 1880, for being "without chararcter". Special Orders No. 18 signed by the Adjutant General, E. D. Townsend, Headquarters of the Army. He died in 1893 in Wonewoc WI. He was buried in 1893 in Pine Eden Cemetery, Wonewoc WI. "Michael went to a university in Prussia and studied music. While at the university he became involved in a border dispute between Germany and France. The French lost and to avoid going to prison he joined the French Foreign Legion and went to North Africa. The French had trade routes that the legion kept open. He came back to Germany and married, had two children, a boy, Benhard and a girl. At this time he used the name "von Trubar". The Germans got wise that he has back and to keep from being picked up, he left his wife and children and came to the U.S. Children were:

child14 i. Benhard TRUBER.

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