236. Brian Christian BRAATZ was born on Dec 7 1970 in Stevens Point Wi - St. Michaels Hospital.

He was married to Michelle AKEY on Sep 25 1993 in Danville CA. Michelle AKEY was born on Aug 9 1969 in Mountain View CA. Brian Christian BRAATZ and Michelle AKEY had the following children:

child316 i. Brittany Rose * BOND-BRAATZ was born on May 7 1990 in Concord CA. She was christened. Brittany is Brian's Step Daughter, Michelle' real
child317 ii. Alaina Nikita BRAATZ was born on Nov 8 1992 in Livermore CA.
child318 iii. Ivan Alexander BRAATZ was born on Mar 28 1996 in 586 Starling, Livermore CA (Born at home).
child319 iv. Nadia BRAATZ was born on Sep 28 2000.

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