76. Bonnie Louise BRAATZ was born on Sep 10 1954.

She was married to Dennis HENRICKSON on Aug 27 1976. Dennis HENRICKSON was born on Nov 17 1952. Bonnie Louise BRAATZ and Dennis HENRICKSON had the following children:

child180 i. Derrick HENRICKSON was born on Oct 25 1973. Born of Dennis Henrickson, Bonnie not the birth
child181 ii. Phillip James HENRICKSON was born on Jan 9 1979.
child182 iii. Bradley Lee HENRICKSON was born in 1982. He was buried in 1982 in Bovina Township Cemetery, Shiocton Wi. He died on Mar 24 1982.
child183 iv. Katrina Lynne HENRICKSON was born on Feb 3 1984.

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