6. Ferdinand John BRAATZ (2) was born on Jul 10 1860 in Stettin, Germany. He died on Feb 10 1927. First wife, Emelie Manthie, was pregnant with daughter Emma when coming over on the ship from Europe. Sons William and Ferdinand were born in Europe and accompanied their parents on the ship. They came to Stephensville, WI, US., through New York. His application for citizenship shows that they came over in September of 1886. Ferdinand was a well digger in his homeland. He dug and lined wells with stone. He hurt his shoulder in an accident, which was one of the reasons he came to the US. They were sponsored by Herman and Louise Miller, who lived in Stephensville on the corner of HWY MM and 76.

Second wife, Augusta Manthie, also came from Pommern. She was the younger sister of first wife, Emelie. She died on 5 June, 1894, the birth date of son August.

The 1900 census shows Ferdinand on a farm in the township of Hortonia, near Stephensville, as a farmer. Sons Wilhelm, Frederick, and August were living with him. He had given the daughters still living, Mary, Emma, and Emelie to relatives to help raise.

The third wife was Johanna Warnke. She was from Schonelanke, Schneidermelle. Her father was a depot agent there. She had 5 children with Ferdinand, John, Bertha, Karl, Ella, and Louise. She had previously been married to a Mielke, having 2 daughters.

In 1902, they moved to Thorp WI, where they lived for 10 years. They then moved to Dale WI, where he bought a 40 acre farm and 6 cows. He remained on this farm until his death, 10 February, 1927.

He was married to Emilie MANTHEI in Germany. Emilie MANTHEI was born on Dec 3 1860 in Nakel, Germany. She died on Jan 2 1892. Percy's notes also show death in 1890 Ferdinand John BRAATZ and Emilie MANTHEI had the following children:

child7 i. Paul BRAATZ was born in Germany. He died in Germany. He was buried in Germany.
child+8 ii. Wilhelm BRAATZ.
child+9 iii. Ferdinand J BRAATZ.
child+10 iv. Emma BRAATZ.
child+11 v. Frederic Herman BRAATZ.
child+12 vi. Mary BRAATZ.
child+13 vii. Emelie BRAATZ.
child14 viii. Anne BRAATZ was born in Stephensville, WI. She died in Stephensville, WI. She was buried in Stephensville Cemetery. Born in Germany
Died as an infant
child15 ix. Martha BRAATZ was born in Stephensville, WI. She died in Stephensville, WI. She was buried in Stephensville Cemetery. Born in Germany
Died as an infant

Augusta MANTHIE died on Jun 5 1894. She was born in Germany. Ferdinand John BRAATZ and Augusta MANTHIE had the following children:

child+16 i. August W. BRAATZ.

He was married to Johanna WARNKE on Mar 28 1901 in New London, WI. Johanna WARNKE was born on Jun 16 1863 in Schoenlanke, Pommern. She was confirmed on May 29 1877 in Schoenlanke, Pommern. She emigrated in 1899 from Pomerania, Germany. She died on Oct 6 1946. She was buried on Oct 9 1946 in Dale Union Cemetery. Ferdinand John BRAATZ and Johanna WARNKE had the following children:

child17 i. John BRAATZ was born on Jan 19 1902 in Town of Hortonia, Outagamie Co. Wisconsin. He died on Jul 3 1996 in Manawa Community Nursing Home, Manawa, WI. He was buried on Jul 5 1996 in Dale Union Cemetery.
child+18 ii. Bertha BRAATZ.
child+19 iii. Louise BRAATZ.
child+20 iv. Karl BRAATZ.
child+21 v. Ella BRAATZ.

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